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Snapshot: 23 Exercise Benefits

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Thursday, December 13, 2012

The U.S. governments “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans” (see pdf link below) gives a general overview of all the latest research of the many benefits of exercise. As a rule, as the intensity or duration of the exercise increases, so do the benefits. Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes weekly of moderate to intense exercise should be the average. Both aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activities should be part of any regular routine. 

Strong evidence: 

•           Lower risk of early death

•           Lower risk of coronary heart disease

•           Lower risk of stroke

•           Lower risk of high blood pressure

•           Lower risk of adverse blood lipid profile

•           Lower risk of type 2 diabetes 

•           Lower risk of metabolic syndrome

•           Lower risk of colon cancer

•           Lower risk of breast cancer

•           Prevention of weight gain

•           Weight loss, particularly when combined with reduced calorie intake

•           Improved cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness

•           Prevention of falls

•           Reduced depression

•           Better cognitive function (for older adults)

Moderate to strong evidence:

•           Better functional health (for older adults)

•           Reduced abdominal obesity

Moderate evidence:

•           Lower risk of hip fracture

•           Lower risk of lung cancer

•           Lower risk of endometrial cancer

•           Weight maintenance after weight loss

•           Increased bone density

•           Improved sleep quality


Nutrition Action Newsletter, December 2012  

2020 Update - Physical Activity  Guidelines for Americans  2nd edition  Appendix 2. Federal Physical Activity Resources https://health.gov/sites/default/files/2019-09/Physical_Activity_Guidelines_2nd_edition.pdf

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