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21 Lickety Split Hacks (in 4 videos) That May Save Your Life

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Thursday, March 23, 2017

How can I open a can without a can opener? Convert an AA battery to AAA? Clean dirty water? Escape being tied up? Fend off an attacker? Enhance a cellphone light for better visibility? Out in the woods or in any difficult or dangerous circumstance, these 21 hacks are smart and snappy and could one day save your life, or at the very least, make an intolerable situation more bearable, and come out reasonably unscathed instead of bruised and battered. The butter candle is an ingenious idea that is explained in one of the 10 Lists as well as its own video in more detail.   

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Photo: https://img.wonderhowto.com/img/10/55/63497052067702/0/make-macgyver-style-emergency-butter-candle-burns-for-hours.1280x600.jpg

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