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New York City Paramedics Debunk 12 First Aid Myths

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Thursday, August 11, 2022


Two experienced New York City paramedics debunk common misconceptions regarding first-aid procedures.  

37 seconds - If someone gets a concussion, do NOT to try to keep them awake. 

1 minute 25 seconds - If someone is having a seizure, do NOT put something in their mouth. They will not "swallow their tongue".  

2 minutes 43 seconds - For adults, slapping a choking person on the back does no good. Have them keep coughing and use the Heimlich Maneuver when necessary. 

4 minutes 38 seconds - Absolutely DO NOT suck the venom out of a snake bite.  

5 minutes 52 seconds - CPR does NOT require mouth-to-mouth. Chest compressions should be used - basic instructions displayed.  

7 minutes 12 seconds- If you are unlucky enough to get stabbed, DO NOT immediately have the sharp object removed from your body. This will cause additional tissue damage and bleeding. Wait for the paramedics.  

7 minutes 48 seconds - You don't need medical training to use a defibrillator. Open the box, press the power button, and a voice will instruct you step by simple step.  

9 minutes 4 seconds - Do not put butter on a burn. Cool, not cold water helps ease the pain. 

9 minutes 34 seconds - If you have frostbite on your fingers, don't rub your hands together. This may cause tissue damage and won't warm them up. If it is genuine frostbite instead of just ice-cold hands, you will have blisters.  

10 minutes 35 seconds - Do NOT clean your wounds with rubbing alcohol. It will make the injury more painful. Basic soap and water are enough.  

11 minutes 29 seconds - Cardiac arrest and a heart attack are not the same. For cardiac arrest CPR is immediately needed. For a heart attack you can call an ambulance.  

12 minutes 8 seconds - If a friend or family member has a drug overdose, do not bathe them or give them a shower. A change in body temperature can do more harm than good. Paramedics will use Narcan.  

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