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Disturbing, Suppressed Facts Expose Transgender Ideology

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Monday, July 18, 2022

The entire transgender ideology is a new religion carried out with religious zeal. Any attempt at caution or criticism is met with hatred and hostility. No one is allowed to question the new "gods" of transgender ideology. And if thousands of children's live are ruined in the process, it's an acceptable price to pay. Much of the evidence below is from England. Canadian and American media seem reticent to speak out. The exact same problems and issues are occurring in North America as well. 

For the past 50 years children's gender dysphoria has been examined by psychologists and in the overwhelming number of cases the children soon grew out of it. Now with religious zeal children are immediately administered disfiguring treatments, with thousands soon living with regret and a lifetime of consequences.  

Puberty blockers hurt young people, mainly females. Unresolved trauma causes many to make harmful choices: 4 minutes 39 seconds - 6 minutes 44 seconds    

Another example of regret over transitioning, unresolved psychological trauma and a hasty diagnosis:  8 minutes 34 seconds -12 minutes 10 seconds 

"You don't grow boobs back": 13 minutes 55 seconds - 14 minutes 45 seconds    

Not enough adequate assessment, leading to children's lives in ruin. Trans-activism and ideology fueling policy. Overwhelming abuse and hostility toward those who regret their decision:  15 minutes 10 seconds - 21 minutes 4 seconds  

"They were wrong to pigeon-hole him so quickly." Gender identity confusion is common - they are going to grow out of it - don't mess them up. Start - 3 minutes 16 seconds  

Therapists didn't think her eating disorder had anything to do with her issues: Start - 1 minute 3 seconds  

An online community of 5,000 people de-transitioning: 1 minute 4 seconds - 1 minute 55 seconds 

"This is not a trans thing. This is a trauma thing ...... I regret it": 4 minutes 4 seconds - 6 minutes 19 seconds 

"I remember breaking down This was a mistake": Start - 2 minutes 42 seconds     

"A lot of these women felt they were not in a state to give consent. Because they felt so unwell with eating disorders or depression":  3 minutes 52 seconds - 5 minutes 7 seconds  

Gender transitioning as a way to deal with sexual abuse: 5 minutes 8 seconds - 5 minutes 55 seconds  

"What they wished they had was therapy ....... What they need may not be what they want at this time." Gender dysphoria clinics not set up to deal with other mental health issues. They don't have the resources: 8 minutes 4 seconds - 9 minutes 39 seconds  

Zero follow-up on how transgender patients are doing: 14 minutes 30 seconds - 15 minutes 15 seconds  


Past abuse and trauma not explored, just a fast track to bodily mutilation: 2 minutes 0 seconds - 3 minutes 16 seconds 

Psychologists not allowed to diagnose a patient as NOT trans: 4 minutes 4 seconds - 4 minutes 41 seconds  


Clinicians at the Tavistock Center raised serious concerns about the rush to treatment and the lifetime of harm on many of the children. Tavistock management shut them down every time. "When I raised concerns, I was told I had to toe the line, or I would never progress in my career ...... I kept saying to her: Are we hurting children? She did not say no ...... She was not able to say to me: It's fine. We are not hurting the children.":   Entire 12-minute video 


Female to male athletes have an unfair advantage over biological women athletes: 

"In the case of Lia Thomas and other MTF trans athletes, we have a conflicting rights issue between the right of biological women to compete against other biological women who fall within the acceptable bell curve range of female performance vs. the right of MTF transgender athletes to compete against biological women. Given that it seems clear from the current evidence that MTF transgender bell curves of performance do not perfectly overlap with those of biological females, we have to make a hard choice between whose rights should prevail.  

"Given the centuries-long history of women fighting to be treated equally and to enjoy the same rights and privileges as men, including and especially the hard-won Title IX laws that protect women’s sports, it seems clear to me that we should and must continue to support the rights of biological women unless and until scientific research and athletic performance evaluations make it crystal clear that the two bell curves perfectly overlap, and/or until there are enough transgender athletes to comprise their own athletic divisions." 

Shocking, deceptive, hateful and harmful advice given by "cool" social media transgender gurus:  

If you think you might be trans, you are. 

You can start trying out trans by using a binder to flatten your breasts. 

Testosterone is amazing and it may just solve all your problems. You don’t have to be certain you are transgender to go on hormones. 

If your parents loved you, they would support your trans identity. If your parents are not supportive, it’s OK to cut off contact. 

If you’re not supported in your trans identity, you’ll probably kill yourself. 

Deceiving parents and doctors is justified if it helps transition. Scripts are provided that will convince doctors to give you hormones. It’s OK to lie and say you have always known you were trans even if it’s not true. 

You don’t have to identify as the opposite sex to be “trans.” You can be “genderfluid” and reserve the right to change your mind. One said she wanted to be identified as a woman only some of the time. 

If you’ve ever felt different, anxious, or afraid, or felt like you don’t fit in, there is a transgender community ready to accept you and become your new family. 

Trans Science:  A review of Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters  https://www.skeptic.com/reading_room/trans-science-review-of-abigail-Shier-irreversible-damage-transgender-craze-seducing-our-daughters/ 

Further Reading 

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Voices from others on the journey: https://sexchangeregret.com/voices  

Current treatment protocols of hormones and surgery are experimental. There’s no proof they are safe or effective. We present articles and studies that shine a light on the risks of social transition, hormones and surgery for both adults and children.  https://sexchangeregret.com/research  

Photo: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/transition-1-colin-dixon.html 

Jerry De Luca is a Christian freelance writer who loves perusing dozens of interesting and informative publications. When he finds any useful info he summarizes it, taking the main points, and creates a (hopefully) helpful blog post.


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