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The Victim Mentality: 23 Signs To Help Sufferers Overcome This Soul-Crushing Mindset

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Monday, March 14, 2022


A sense of pervasive self-pity and constant feelings of victimization are becoming all too common in our narcissistic, self-indulgent culture. Constantly believing you are a victim damages your emotions, poisons your soul, robs you of joy and hope, and hinders you from ambition and accomplishing life goals. Bitterness and hate take over as the person who chooses this attitude dies a little every day and is soon emotionally and spiritually vacuous. Any life that may have been in their eyes is gradually escorted out into a scorched, barren wasteland of mediocrity and futility. Specific acts of evil must always be dealt with justly, but lifestyle victimization is a cancerous path that inevitably leads to any and all kinds of addictions. Sadly, feelings of hatred are very subtle, very insidious and can seed into an ugly monster in a very short time. 

Below is a list of 23 indicators of poisonous victimization mind-sets. Any honest, moral person can use these indicators to diagnose a very serious and self-destructive life choice.   

23 Indicators 

-----You’re constantly blaming other people or situations for feeling miserable


-----You possess a “life is against me” philosophy 

-----You’re cynical or pessimistic 

-----You see your problems as catastrophes and blow them out of proportion 

-----You think others are purposely trying to hurt you 

-----You believe you’re the only one being targeted for mistreatment 

-----You keep reliving past painful memories that made you feel like a victim 

-----Even when things go right, you find something to complain about 

-----You refuse to consider other perspectives when talking about your problems 

-----You feel powerless and unable to cope effectively with a problem or life in general 

-----You feel attacked when you’re given constructive criticism 

-----You believe you’re not responsible for what happens in your life (others are) 

-----You believe that everyone is “better off” than you 

-----You seem to enjoy feeling sorry for yourself 

-----You attract people like you (who complain, blame, and feel victimized by life) 

-----You believe that the world is a scary, mostly bad, place 

-----You enjoy sharing your tragic stories with other people 

-----You have a habit of blaming, attacking, and accusing those you love for how you feel 

-----You feel powerless to change your circumstances 

-----You expect to gain sympathy from others, and when you don’t get it, you feel upset


-----You refuse to analyze yourself or improve your life 

-----You tend to “one-up” people when it comes to sharing traumatic experiences 

-----You’re constantly putting yourself down 

9 Benefits of Being a Victim 

Some people knowingly and intentionally play the victim in order to manipulate people to get what they want. The following are 9 behaviors to look for to understand possible motivations.  

-----Not having to take responsibility for anything 

-----Other people lavishing you with attention 

-----Other people feeling sorry for you 

-----Other people are less likely to criticize or upset you 

-----You have the “right” to complain 

-----You’re more likely to get what you want 

-----You feel interesting because you get to tell people all of your stories 

-----You don’t have to feel bored because there’s too much drama going on 

-----You get to avoid and bypass anger because you’re too busy feeling sad 


23 Signs You’re Suffering From a Victim Mentality And How To Deal With It https://themindsjournal.com/signs-you-have-victim-mentality/ 

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