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A Brief, Clear-Minded, Sane & Sound Breakdown Of The Excitement Over UFOs

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Monday, September 13, 2021


There is excitement in the air over UFOs again! Amazing “new evidence” for possible alien spacecraft have been top stories on 60 Minutes, The New York Times, USA Today and the Associated Press. There is still a substantial amount of solid and verifiable evidence needed to confirm the extraordinary claims. Many people aren’t aware of the 8 simple explanations for strange aerial phenomena. Author of “Think: Why You Should Question Everything” and seven more thoughtful and insightful books, award-winning journalist Guy P. Harrison offers quick, clear-headed and sound explanations for the apparent and alleged foreign tourists. Number 8 will most likely be the cause and spark of more future UFO excitement.   

8 Basic Explanations For “Unexplained” UFO sightings:

-----“Unidentified”—the U in UFO—does not mean alien spacecraft. “Unexplained” is not an explanation. A faulty conclusion is reached via a faulty and uncorroborated premise.

----- “UFO enthusiasts often suggest that the integrity, sincerity, or mental state of a witness is unfairly assaulted when a claim is met with skepticism. This tactic is either uninformed or dishonest because skeptics consistently and continually explain that to some degree everyone is vulnerable to illusions and misinterpretations—no deceit or insanity required.

----- “We do not see the world around us in full or as it really is. Our eyes receive reflected light from objects, and then our brains do rapid translations or reconstructions of that information to present us with a manufactured and highly edited scene that we ‘see’ in our minds. Human vision is often unreliable, as has been confirmed by numerous experiments.

----- “Beliefs influence perception. Those who believe in ghosts prior to entering a dark and creepy house are more likely to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ ghosts than those who did not hold that prior belief. Some UFO sightings are likely the result of beliefs coloring the experience.

----- “Remember that human memory is imperfect and unreliable. Our brain is not an organic video/audio recording and playback system. The brain retrieves bits of information from past experiences, stiches them together, and then tells us a story about the past that is meant to be useful in the present. Given all that science has revealed about how poorly we remember, it makes no sense to trust anyone’s recollection of seeing an extraterrestrial spaceship last year, last week, or five minutes ago. For something so unusual and important, we need much more than eyewitness accounts to make the case.

----- “The expertise of a witness is close to irrelevant. Commercial airline and military pilots may be only marginally better than anyone else when it comes to accurately observing and remembering UFO sightings, because they too must rely on a human brain that is highly susceptible to error.

----- “Radar and other sensing systems used by militaries are not infallible. Their output may be inaccurate if they are faulty, not properly calibrated, or tasked to do something they were not designed to do. And, of course, data are always subject to misinterpretation by human minds.”

----- Last but not least is the emergence of drones or UAVs (un-crewed aerial vehicles). This may very well be the primary explanation for UFO sightings going forward as the technology increases at an astonishing rate:

“Many nations and companies have been investing significant money and engineering talent into this field for years. As a result, there is now a remarkable diversity of UAVs, many of which look quite different from conventional airplanes. Some can do things common aircraft cannot. DARPA, for example, has developed and tested the super-sleek triangular-shaped Falcon HTV-2. This ‘hypersonic cruise vehicle’ can fly in the atmosphere at astonishing speeds of up to Mach 22, approximately 14,000 mph.

“Perhaps more relevant to UFO sightings than raw speed is the maneuverability of high-performance UAVs. Unrestrained by the presence of fragile human pilots with squishy brains prone to blackouts, UAVs can be pushed to the limits of power-weight ratios and fuselage/wing strength. It is likely that some cutting-edge and still-secret UAVs can accelerate, decelerate, and maneuver in ways that virtually every human on Earth—including most military pilots and radar/sensor personnel—are not yet familiar with. I also pointed out years ago that some advanced UAVs are surprisingly small, even insect-sized. This presents another layer of potential confusion for observers trying to assess distance, speed, and identity.”


How to Keep Your Mind on Solid Ground During the Latest UFO Excitement https://skepticalinquirer.org/2021/08/how-to-keep-your-mind-on-solid-ground-during-the-latest-ufo-excitement/

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