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10 Simple Reasons We Should Not Send Messages To Alien Civilizations

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Atheists don’t believe in a powerful creator God, but some are willing to concede there may be super-civilizations run by super-beings somewhere among the stars. They are so much more intelligent than man, that a man-chimpanzee comparison would be lowly insufficient. A man-mouse comparison would be closer to the truth. If that were the case, as some scientists are concerned, why are we constantly sending SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) messages out into the cosmos? Are we really sure the response would be to man’s benefit? Would the powerful aliens technologically lift us out of our misery and elevate us to almost their level? Or would the opposite take place, as we wrongly presuppose good in the universe? 

Science fiction writer and YouTuber John Michael Godier compiled several possible answers (to our messages) from these super beings that mankind would not be too happy to receive. These answers illustrate the folly and vanity of ignoring our Creator and sending out “HELLO” and “HELP” messages to the cosmic unknown. Here’s a summary of most of the points. Some are serious, some are not.

---Not interested. Who are you to us? You’re far too uncivilized and primitive for us to bother.

---We’re dead. We died millennia ago and this is an automated message. We hope you remember us.

---We’re entirely a machine civilization and have no interest in biological forms. (In which case the humans would be happy with this answer because who knows what the machines did to their possible biological creators millennia ago.)

---Help us! We’re in distress! We’re dying! How soon can you get here?

---We’re already on our way. We detected you long ago and will be there soon. Don’t worry, we’re nice guys.

---We’re busy! We’re constantly fighting inter-galactic wars. Hopefully there won’t be any spill-over to your neck of the woods.

---Submit! You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile! This is our only purpose. (Fulfilling Stephen Hawking’s warning about sending messages out there.)

----We’re technologically advanced but are parched for water. Know where we can get some?

---Welcome back to the Stone Age! To avoid future threats we keep all other life from getting too technologically advanced. As soon as a world sends out a signal we send a ship to blast them back to the Stone Age.

---Sorry, we don’t engage with planets that are flat! We only engage with intelligent life.


10 SETI Messages That We May Not Want to Receive   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVpHTMj3XM

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