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Exposing & Unmasking The Ultimate Con Man: RFK Jr.

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Both John F. and Robert Kennedy would be rolling in their graves if they knew the dark, hoodwinked snare RFK Jr. has chosen to fall into. There aren't many Americans who are a greater proliferator of deadly lies and deception. How many people are in their graves directly, or indirectly, because of gullibly and naively listening to his deadly, misleading rhetoric? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Judgement Day is patiently waiting. Below is just one example of his deceits and delusions.  

Hepatitis B Vaccine 

"In multiple interviews, Kennedy misleads about the hepatitis B vaccine, falsely suggesting that the reason the vaccine is given to newborns is to boost profits for vaccine makers. 'The major vectors for [hepatitis B] are it’s sexually transmitted or by needles. Why would you give that to a one-day-old child?' Kennedy said in a town hall broadcast on News Nation at the end of June. 'It’s really a profit motive.' 

"In his appearance on Rogan’s podcast, Kennedy made the same argument, saying that people get hepatitis B from sharing needles, 'going to a really seasoned prostitute,' or participating in 'sort of compulsive homosexual behavior.' He acknowledged that babies can get hepatitis B from their mothers but said that every pregnant woman is tested for it, 'so the baby doesn’t need this.' 

“'Why would you give it to a one-day-old baby, you know, or a three-hour-old baby, and then four more times, when that baby’s not going to be even subject to it for 16 years?' he asked, erroneously stating the number of vaccine doses (it’s three in childhood). 

"Kennedy then suggested that the CDC recommended the vaccine for children to ensure revenue for Merck, because the vaccine had originally been given only to high-risk groups that weren’t buying enough vaccines. Kennedy is distorting what happened — and omitting the fact that hepatitis B can be spread in ways that do leave infants and young kids susceptible to the virus. 

"As the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia explains, the hepatitis B vaccine was first licensed in 1981 and recommended for high-risk people, including certain adults but also infants born to mothers with hepatitis B, since vaccination can prevent mother-to-infant transmission. 'However, immunization of these groups didn’t effectively stop transmission of hepatitis B virus. That’s because about one-third of patients with acute disease were not in identifiable risk groups,' CHOP’s website says. 'The change of recommendation to immunize all infants in 1991 was the result of these failed attempts to control hepatitis B by only immunizing high-risk groups. Following this recommendation, hepatitis B disease was virtually eliminated in children less than 18 years of age in the United States.' 

"After initially advising that infants be vaccinated 'preferably' before hospital discharge, but no later than 2 months of age, the U.S. changed its guidance in 2018 to have babies vaccinated within 24 hours of birth. This is slightly different from some countries, including the U.K., which give the first dose at 8 weeks unless a mother is hepatitis B-positive. But it’s in line with what the World Health Organization advises. There is no safety reason to delay the dose; Kennedy’s implication that giving newborns a vaccine is somehow risky is not based on any evidence. 

"Also contrary to Kennedy’s statements, there are good reasons to give infants hepatitis B vaccines. While most cases of hepatitis B in the U.S. occur in adults, the viral disease is especially dangerous to young children because infection early in life is more likely to lead to chronic hepatitis B, which can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer or liver failure.  

"More than 90% of babies and up to half of children ages 1 to 5 infected with the virus develop chronic infection, compared with less than 5% of older children and adults, according to the CDC’s Yellow Book, which provides health information for international travelers. A quarter of children who are chronically infected will prematurely die of a liver problem. As a result, protecting babies and young kids from hepatitis B has an outsized impact on reducing the burden of the disease. 

"As for how young children get hepatitis B, babies can contract the infection from their mothers during birth, since the virus is spread via blood. American hospitals test pregnant people for hepatitis B, but as the CDC explains, there can be errors or delays in testing or reporting of results. So, giving all infants the vaccine soon after birth 'acts as a safety net' for reducing mother-to-infant transmission.  

"Studies also show that vaccination at birth increases the chance that a child will complete the three-shot series. Kids, though, can also pick up hepatitis B later, especially if they live with or are cared for by someone with the disease. Many people with hepatitis B may not have symptoms and don’t know they are infected. Hepatitis B virus is highly contagious, so minute amounts of blood can spread the virus.  

"The virus is also hardy and remains infectious on objects for at least a week. This means children can get hepatitis B from washcloths, a shared toothbrush or nail clippers, or through pre-chewed food given to a baby — no drug use or sexual activity required. Vaccination at birth protects children right away from any household exposures they might have." 


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