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Short and Sweet: The Final and Only Word Needed On Critical Race Theory

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Tuesday, May 10, 2022


I'm no fan of Bill Maher and his show Real Time. He is more vulgar, profane, tasteless, indecent and truculent than any TV talk show host polluting the airwaves. He should have a bar of soap on his desk to clean his mouth out. However, every once in a while, he says something highly intelligent, succinct but comprehensive, and of which there is not much more that needs to be said. The only people objecting would be those on the extreme right and left. Any honest, fair-minded person cannot and would not object. The following is his statement, with the video right below.  

"As far as what people are experiencing in their lives, in their schools. You're right. There are states like from the old Confederacy who do want to airbrush history. That's not I think the majority in this country. If you ask me critical race theory, does that mean teach history unvarnished, I would say yes, then I'm totally for critical race theory. If you say does it mean acknowledging that racism persists today, I would say yes, teach that. Should we have remedial means like affirmative action? There's lots of people who are against that.  I'm still for that.  

"I still think when you read the statistics and I have some of them here. Blacks earn 40 % less. 90 % less family wealth. High poverty. High schools: 72 % Blacks to 31% White. Live six years shorter.  Half as likely to go to college.  Eight times more incarcerated. These are real statistics. 

"The question is what do we do to address them. These are real statistics. You think we should address them? The question is what are we doing about it. Because if critical race theory means making children in schools fixate on race, I'm not for that. If it's about collective guilt, I didn't do anything to your great great great grandfather. I don't want to be responsible for that. If it's about you know a toxicity of just from being born White, if it's about dividing everybody into oppressor and oppressed, I'm not for that. So, there are things that are being taught and are going around that I'm not for. If that is critical race theory, I wouldn't be for it." 


Time: 6 minutes 00 seconds- 7 minutes 50 seconds 

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