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5 Major Indicators Of Someone Who Lacks Common Sense

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Sunday, October 8, 2023


The human brain contains an astounding 86 billion brain cells. If they were just sitting there, the person would be brain dead. What's astounding and miraculous is the endless trillions and trillions of connections of all these cells, resulting in consciousness and the ability to think profoundly. For anyone to not make full use of our amazing brain is, frankly, almost criminal. Below is the text and video from Brainy Dose of the five most grievous felonies and misconducts against the miracle in our skull. The five indicators selected from the ten are the most common and harmful.    

Number 1 - They Believe Everything They Hear Without Questioning It  

"If you think about it, most people who lack common sense don't even realize that they do. They believe everything they hear even if it sounds plain ridiculous. They don't ask questions and don't look into things themselves. And this can be dangerous in a world that is full of lies, half-truths, and propaganda. After all, it's easy to get sucked into bad information if you don't know how to discern what's true and what isn't 

Number 2 - They Have Trouble Thinking Critically  

"Critical thinking is the ability to analyze information and draw conclusions based on evidence. Someone who lacks common sense has a hard time grasping even simple concepts. They may contradict themselves and are often unable to explain why something doesn't make sense to them. Such individuals also tend to jump to conclusions and act impulsively before thinking through all the potential outcomes. They make decisions based on emotions rather than logic, and this can result in making poor choices.  

Number 3 - Their Ideas Are Often Illogical  

"If someone is trying to convince you of something and their argument is illogical, this is a good indicator that they lack common sense. Without the ability to think and act with good judgment, they may interpret information incorrectly, come up with unrealistic explanations, and make assumptions that are not based in reality. Those who lack common sense also have a tendency to rely on superstitions or extreme beliefs to make sense of their world."   

Number 6 - They Won’t Seek Help or Direction When They Need It   


"A lack of common sense can lead people to avoid seeking help or direction because they would rather not admit that they don't know something or that they need guidance. Additionally, individuals like this often overestimate their own knowledge and underestimate the complexity of a situation. Thus, they may be less likely to recognize when they are in ‘over their head’ and need help, making it even less likely that they will reach out."  

Number 10 - They Choose to Be Ignorant  

"People who lack common sense often choose to be ignorant because they don't want to take the time and effort to learn and understand the information that is available to them. It could be because they are afraid to confront the truth, or because they feel intimidated by the facts. They may also be influenced by their own biases, and thus more likely to ignore or dismiss the facts. As a result, they frequently make decisions that can negatively impact them or others around them."  


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