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17 Quick Truths That Lay Bare & Expose The Claims Of Alternative Medicine & Its Fake Science

Posted by Jerry De Luca on Sunday, December 25, 2022

Is there a greater group of deceitful, sly smooth-talkers than all the purveyors of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM)? Probably not. The list of CAM practices are too numerous to list, but the most prominent are: 



Chinese medicine 


Colon cleansing 

Crystal healing 



Dietary supplements 

Energy medicine: Magnet therapy, Reiki, Qigong, Shiatsu, Therapeutic touch, Energy psychology 



Home remedies 

Magnetic healing 

Natural Health 

Natural therapies 

Naturopathic medicine 

Below are 17 practical truths to help the consumer discern who the medical con artists are.  

----Biological implausibility: CAM claims are physically impossible to achieve. They cannot be proven by any scientific method.  

----Nothing to say: CAM proponents are not able to respond appropriately to reasoned criticism. They ignore the criticism and hope their patients don't ask too many questions. 

----No place for facts: Many CAM proponents will dismiss facts that contradict their own preconceived ideas in favor of aberrant data compiled by their own "researchers". Those that claim to do "research" don't explain how exactly they are credible. 

----Paranoia: Many CAM proponents honestly believe that the medical establishment or pharmaceutical industry is out to get them. Or they don't believe this but use it as an excuse to play the victim card, push their false claims and dupe their patients. 

----Inversion of logic: In arguing their case, CAM proponents often formulate their conclusions first, then select those bits of information that seem to confirm them. Or they just use Confirmation Bias: Select the measly few claims that seem to support them, and completely ignore the overwhelming evidence that obliterates their claims. 


----Misuse of science: Use of scientific terms like "nano" or "quantum" in inappropriate contexts devoid of their actual meanings. Other common pseudo-medical jargon: "detoxify," "rejuvenate," "energy," etc. - entities that cannot be measured scientifically. 

----Reliance on anecdotal evidence, or on data from flawed studies (poor controls, insufficient sample size, etc.)Anecdotal evidence can be very persuasive - especially if it concerns people who are seriously ill and desperate.   

----False authority: CAM proponents cite alleged "doctors" and experts who have their own schools of certification to back their alleged special knowledge. They display degrees from unaccredited institutions. 

----Special pleading and asking for mercy: Less stringent rules of evidence should be applied to CAM claims. 

----Many of these so called "doctors" make the excuse that they are too busy healing patients to pursue verification through research.  

----The overwhelming majority of CAM practitioners either don't make a valid diagnosis to begin with, or never do a proper follow up to confirm the "healing".  

----A good sign of a quack doctor is he/she believes there is a single underlying cause for various, completely different diseases and conditions. 

----When CAM proponents are backed into a corner, their only recourse is to charge opponents with being close-minded. 

----When CAM proponents are backed into a corner, they claim that past legitimate breakthroughs were laughed at when first introduced. Somehow that magically puts their unsubstantiated claims in the same category. 

---- CAM proponents appeal to vanity of patients: "Think for yourself", when the patient has little or no medical education whatsoever. 

----One sure way to spot a CAM practitioner is their exaggerated advertising claims, especially their use of "secret formulas" which no one else possesses. Beware of other words and phrases like amazing, breakthrough, easy, natural, America's #1 expert. 

----To get the unsuspecting to bite, you can be sure that immediate results are promised. No long-term and painful chemotherapy, as just one example. When the patient dies, the family is too embarrassed to speak out, and alternative medicine "doctors" get away with it again and again 


Overview of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) https://sites.google.com/site/kycahf/cam-overview 

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Jerry De Luca is a Christian freelance writer who loves perusing dozens of interesting and informative publications. When he finds any useful info he summarizes it, taking the main points, and creates a (hopefully) helpful blog post.


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